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Loft Conversions LondonLoft Conversions London are becoming increasingly popular.  London has some of the highest house prices in the UK and is still definitely a world “hot property spot” Many people love visiting London purely for the continual buzz it generates whether it be the royals, the west end, the city, the nightlife, olympics 2012

Loft Conversions London

A loft conversion in London makes a sound investment – they not only add significant value to the property but also give that much needed space for a growing family or an extra room “To Let”  The rental market in London is RED HOT. Loft Conversions add extra space and with this it brings not only the opportunity to add value to your home but bring in income as well as become a landlord. A loft conversion is cost effective and has tangible returns – you can read countless articles on why converting your loft makes a sound investment

London is primed with property which can be converted… whether it be a top floor flat, a old terrace house, a bungalow, a detached house. Mansards and Dormers are types of loft conversions which will maximise the space in your roof. One should seriously consider converting their loft as money in the bank is being eaten away by inflation and bringing little return. It would be seen as being much more beneficial to invest in a loft conversion – one can then reap the benefits immediately. A growing family, extra income – a conversion in 2012 should be given due consideration.

Did you knowA conversion will also help insulate the top of your house and stop heat escaping. Winter may have just finished but with rising energy costs – a conversion will help keep energy bills down and your home feel snug.

Remember when choosing a company to convert your loft – to choose carefully. Read our previous post on this for some wise words.

London Dormer Loft Conversion

Why Convert Loft?

The most obvious reason to convert your loft is to have an additional room.  Generally, the loft is an unused space in the house which for most house owners serves no purpose then a bit of storage space.

Do you feel you have out grown your current house?  Is your family expanding?  Or would you like the extra space for when visitors come?  The list really is endless on why to have a loft conversion.  A loft conversion will give you no doubt additional usable space.

Modern Loft Conversion

Loft conversion adds value.

Not only will a loft conversion provide you and your family valuable living space, be it a study, bedroom or bathroom.  A loft conversion will also increase the value of your property, generally, it will add roughly 20% to your house value.  This could be a far better solution then having to go through the hassle moving homes.

Methods of Loft Conversions

The most popular types of conversions are:

Whichever method you decide converting your loft is becoming more and more popular option for home owners in the UK. So why convert loft? Its because it makes sense (money and space wise)